Primary purpose of Fourth Aim Advisers: Introduce the Health and Human Services -  National Quality Strategy (NQS) and how it will impact healthcare organizations near and long term, regardless of type.

NQS Education

NQS Strategy Implementation

NQS Based Partnerships


"Supporting Partnerships Creating Healthier Communities"

Sensible Solutions

Systems thinking methods provide the means for achieving high level healthcare performance .

Forward Thinking

Future thinking is a core component of our solutions.

Out of The Box

The future belongs to the innovators that will disrupt the current healthcare system.

Client Strategy

Help develop an understanding of the current and future healthcare environment

Fourth Aim is focused on helping organizations plan to operate in a new healthcare delivery system paradigm.  The new system is driven by national policy created to reduce the growth of healthcare costs, provide quality care and improve the health of the community. The three fold purpose is simple in description, but very complex to organize and implement. Fourth Aim supports strategic planning, data reporting, and management needed to achieve the intent of the Triple Aim.