Strategic Planning Coaching Program.

Are you part of a small nonprofit organization that needs a strategic plan, but have concerns about the cost of using an onsite consultant?

All organizations need some form of a strategic/business plan, however small nonprofit organizations often lack resources to support onsite consulting services.  Fourth Aim has developed a Strategic Planning Coaching Program that guides such organizations through the process of using local resources to revise or develop a strategic plan at minimal cost. 

Each project is tailored to the individual organization including environmental assessment and impact of local, state, and national change drivers. This a great process to engage board members, organizational leaders, employees, or other stakeholder groups. Simply engage Fourth Aim and select a local facilitator to start the process.

Fourth Aim Offsite Support Provides
  Meeting Facilitation Coaching
  Leadership Pre Survey
  Planning Meeting Presentation Material
  Agenda Development
  Methods to Maximize Input of Participants
  Post Meeting Material Review 

Local Organization Provides
  Background Material to Fourth Aim Coach
  Meeting Facilitator and Scribe
  Lead contact for planning meeting logistics support
  Meeting space and material to support meeting
  Post meeting material for Fourth Aim review and completion.  

Program Flexibility

Available consulting services range from basic group facilitation to formalized agenda driven retreats based on client needs.

Systems Thinking Structure

Whether the planning effort is for an established or new group, Fourth Aim uses a number of techniques that support systems thinking planning including:

  • A description of the current environment, challenges to be dealt with, regulatory responsibilities, and resources that are available to support needed work.
  • A purpose or aim that is built through consensus of the organization leadership/group. Of all the planning elements, this is the most critical. Groups most often have fluid or non-existent purpose statements.
  • Identification of key customers of the work to be accomplished.
  • Selection of the work products that will be offered to the customers.
  • Identification of the processes.
  • Development of performance measurements.
Triple Aim Planning

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has put in place structural changes with the expectation to reach new levels of cost effectiveness, quality, and population health, it does not provide the integration of healthcare providers, social organizations, and individual responsibility necessary to transform the current system

In January 2015 the American Hospital Association (AHA) published a guide titled, "Leadership Toolkit for Redefining the H: Engaging Trustees and Communities." The toolkit calls for hospitals and communities to address the need to improve population health.

Fourth Aim provides strategic planning support for organizations that want to meet the challenge identified in the AHA Toolkit.

Rural Perspective

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are vulnerable in this environment, however small rural facilities more so due to a lack of understanding of the role these facilities play in the healthcare system including the quality of delivered care, impact of holding down per capita cost, and ability to address population health concerns. 

Fourth Aim provides a unique depth of understanding of the
dynamics of these changes and how organizations need to react to and progressively plan for future systems of care.